Where to start?

How do you start a brand new site? Especially if it isn’t brand new? Cam-era.net has been around at least since 2005 as a semi-private collection of my photos and -sometimes- stories. I started the site before things like Facebook, FLICKR or even photos.google were usable.

Well, over the last 9 years quite a few things changed. One really doesn’t need a hosted site like this one to share images. Google does a fine job, others too and there are specialist sites like FLICKR, Tumbler and my favorite – 500px.  Other sites promise to be free, easy to set up and have a user base already set up – means, one gets some traffic.

And yet, I think for this project I stay on my own domain, cam-era.net is dear to me and has been my testing ground since I learned “Framemaker” .  I never made the transition to writing my own CSS but have quite a bit of experience with WordPress to modify this site according to my needs.

The goal?  Talk and think about photography, share photos and remodel my online home.